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Heavy Duty Trunk Net Elastic Heavy Duty Cargo Fixed Goods Net

Application of automobile mesh bag: 1. Backbone network The trunk net allows us to put the sundries in the trunk together, saving space, and more importantly, safety When driving, we often brake suddenly. If the things in the boot are in a mess, it is easy to run around when braking hard, and the liquid is easy to overflow. Some sharp things will also damage our boots. We can put all the small things in the trunk in the net bag, so that we don’t have to worry about sudden braking when driving. 2. Roof mesh bag The luggage rack installed on the car can fix the luggage. The utility model can not only fix the trunk, but also put some articles in the net bag. It can also save space in our boot. It is equivalent to a storage box. It is not only convenient but also safe to put small things in the net bag. 3. Seat net bag The seat net pocket is relatively small. It is used to put some small items, such as mobile phones or mineral water. Some small items are put in the seat net pocket, which can also prevent the car from jumping out when suddenly braking. The seat net bag can be used to store commonly used items in the car, which is more convenient to use. 4. Protective mesh bag The protective mesh bag can be placed in the middle of the car armrest, especially suitable for car owners with children. It can prevent children from climbing back and forth. When driving, it can prevent children from running forward due to sudden braking, thus improving the safety of children.  

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