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Aluminum Shading Net For Crops/Plants

(1)Aluminum sunshade net can reduce light intensity help plants grow; reduce temperature; inhibit evaporation; avoid insects and diseases. In hot daytime, it can effectively reflect strong light, reduce the excessive light entering the greenhouse, and reduce the temperature. For shade netting, or outside of greenhouses. Has strong tensile strength. It can also be used internally. When the greenhouse in the greenhouse is low at night, the aluminum foil can reflect the escape of infrared rays, so that the heat can be kept indoors and play a thermal insulation effect.
(2) Wind-proof, rain-proof, disease-proof and insect-proof The shading net has high mechanical strength, which can slow down the loss of vegetables caused by typhoon, rainstorm, hail and other disastrous weather. The greenhouse is covered by a shading net. During a typhoon, the wind speed inside the shed is only about 40% of the wind speed outside the shed, and the wind blocking effect is obvious. The plastic greenhouse covered with the shading net can reduce the impact of the rainstorm on the ground to 1/50, and the rainfall in the shed can be reduced by 13.29% to 22.83%. The silver-gray sunshade net has obvious effect of avoiding aphids and can effectively reduce the spread and spread of viruses. Covering the net room with a shade net can prevent the damage of external pests and diseases. According to the test on autumn tomato, with silver-gray shade net covering, the incidence of plant virus disease is 3%, and 60% are not covered. (3) Antifreeze and heat preservation In order to improve the utilization rate of the shade net and reduce the cost of covering, it can also be used for preventing early frost in late autumn, preventing late frost in early spring and preventing frost damage in winter. It has been determined that the silver-gray shade net can increase the surface temperature by 1.3 to 3.1 °C at night.

Product Specification

Net weight 30g/m2--350g/m2
Net width 1m,2m,3m,4m,5m,6m,etc
Rolls Lengths On request(10m,50m,100m..)
Shade rate 30%-95%
Colours Green,Black ,Dark green ,Yellow,gray,Blue and white.etc(as your request)
Material 100% new material (HDPE )
U.V. As customer request
Type Warp knitted
Delivery time 30-40 days after order
Export market South America,Japan, the Middle East ,Europe , markets.
Min order 4 ton/tons
Terms of Payment T/T, L/C
Supply capacity 100 ton/tons per month
Packing one roll per one strong polybag with color label (or any customized)

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