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Foldable Shopping Handbag Eco-friendly Cotton Net

Characteristic: 1. Our cotton mesh bags are environment-friendly. These market packaging bags can replace your paper bags and plastic bags for any shopping. These reusable shopping bags are natural and chemical free; 2. Our cotton mesh shopping bags are lightweight and foldable. These reusable mesh totes can be easily stuffed into your pocket, wallet or glove box.   3. This mesh handbag is made of environment-friendly materials, with zero waste. Each cotton drawstring bag can be recycled to save up to disposable bags and avoid plastic pollution, which will not only change your shopping and storage methods, but also save your money and save the planet.    Advantages: 1. The net bag is lighter than the cloth bag, smaller in storage volume and lighter to carry; 2. The net bags are basically ropes without large pieces of cloth. They are easier to clean than cloth bags, and they can dry faster in the air; 3. The biggest advantage is that, unlike cloth bags, there is a size limit for packing things. The mesh bag body can change its shape according to what you buy. After being tightened, things will not be strung in the bag, and it can support a lot and have a larger capacity.

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