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Customized Aluminum Sunshade Net For Vehicles

The aluminum foil shade net is made of pure aluminum foil strips and transparent polyester film strips. The aluminum foil sunshade net has the dual function of cooling and keeping warm, and it can also prevent ultraviolet rays. In simple and popular terms, the essential difference between aluminum foil sunshade nets and ordinary sunshade nets is that there is an extra layer of aluminum foil than ordinary sunshade nets. The biggest feature of the aluminum foil sunshade net is that it can almost completely reflect the sun’s radiation, significantly reduce the temperature under the sunshade net, and maintain the humidity of the environment. Compared with ordinary sunshade nets, the cooling effect of aluminum foil sunshade nets is about twice that. Shading, cooling and heat preservation. At present, the shading rate of shade nets produced in my country is 25% to 75%. Shade nets of different colors have different light transmittances. For example, the light transmittance of black shading nets is significantly lower than that of silver-gray shading nets. Because the shading net reduces the light intensity and the radiant heat of the light, it has an obvious cooling effect, and the higher the outside temperature, the more obvious the cooling effect. When the outside air temperature reaches 35-38°C, the general cooling rate can be reduced by up to 19.9°C. Covering the sunshade net in hot summer can generally reduce the surface temperature by 4 to 6 °C, and the maximum can reach 19.9 °C. After the sunshade net is covered, the solar radiation decreases, the ground temperature drops, the wind speed weakens, and the evaporation of soil moisture is reduced, which has obvious drought resistance. Moisture protection function.

Product Specification

Net weight 30g/m2–350g/m2
Net width 1m,2m,3m,4m,5m,6m,etc
Rolls Lengths On request(10m,50m,100m..)
Shade rate 30%-95%
Colours Green,Black ,Dark green ,Yellow,gray,Blue and white.etc(as your request)
Material 100% new material (HDPE )
U.V. As customer request
Type Warp knitted
Delivery time 30-40 days after order
Export market South America,Japan, the Middle East ,Europe , markets.
Min order 4 ton/tons
Terms of Payment T/T, L/C
Supply capacity 100 ton/tons per month
Packing one roll per one strong polybag with color label (or any customized)

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